Let’s go for a walk with the ‘Natuur Routes’ apps from Natuurmonumenten

Not long after we started our Shoudio location based audio adventure, we discovered that the tools we were building where not only great for journalists like AmberTamar and Erwin, podcasters such as Michaela and Sowa or the casual noise-sharers like JqJq and myself.


Increasingly Shoudio, the location based media platform for telling compelling stories, happens to be a perfect CMS for organizations who want to give their ‘followers’ intuitive interactive gps-based (audio) guide apps.

The past year we have been building quite some of these (at first only audio-based) guide apps. It all started with the 'Natuur in NL'-apps for the Wageningen University of Life Sciences. Audiowalk apps for iOS & Android with bike, walk and sail tours telling you about the natural habitats and diverse flora and fauna of the Netherlands. We also built the apps 'Spacious West', an audiotour and place-discovery app for the borough ‘Amsterdam West’, with multiple audiotours in English and Dutch. 

It’s with pride that I can now announce the release of the 'Natuur Routes'-apps we have been working on lately for ‘Natuurmonumenten’, one of Holland’s biggest foundations for preserving nature. Natuurmonumenten is a society with over 730,000 members who manages and protects 101,066 hectares distributed over 345 areas in the Netherlands. By acquiring natural areas, Natuurmonumenten can protect animals and plants which are native to the country and enable people to enjoy the countryside by providing footpaths, cycle paths, observation points and excursions.

imageBy using the new apps, designed by PuurPXL, developed by Shoudio, you can download and explore many walk, bike and sail routes in various natural areas across the Netherlands. Forrest rangers and Natuurmonumenten volunteers take you around on tours across the area’s they work in everyday and turn your regular ‘walk in the woods’ into an interactive day out. 

The apps consists of many routes (about 25 at launch, growing to 100 in the coming months) with cycle tours, canoe-routes and great paths for hiking nature. Every route contains an instruction on how to get there, interactive gps based maps, and multiple multimedia gps info points, which can contain audio, video, imagegalleries and other points of interest. Once a tour has been downloaded offline, the app doesn’t need to rely on an active (cellular) network connection and therefore still usable in remote areas. 

On the publisher side: Natuurmonumenten actively works with a team of about 10 - 20 web- and mobile-savvy volunteers and ranger forests, expanding the amount of routes almost on a weekly basis. By using Shoudio’s new content publishing system for easy app management, new and existing tours can be published with greatest ease. The new CMS boasts features like autodrawing routing tools, batch uploading, drag/drop sorting features and a “photoshopesque’ working environment. All from within the browser.

Here’s a video (in dutch) introducing the apps:

The Natuur Routes apps for iPhone & Android can be found in the respective appstores or through this link.

Enjoy exploring!

If you happen to be a publisher of tour/guide-content yourself, consider using Shoudio for your next project! 

Looking back at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013


Amber, Sarah and Tamar visited Eurosonic Noorderslag festival, Europe’s main showcase festival and music conference, held in Groningen in the second week of february, audio reporting live from the festival.

Their interviews and reviews are bundled together on this ‘Groninger Map’ with some historic shine. 

Tune into their audiobites and follow Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013 

(Source: slandr)

Shoudio at Appelsap: Here are the Interviews.

Shoudio at Appelsap

Shoudio reported live at #Appelsap 2012, interviewing several artists and visitors. All audio recordings can be found on Shoudio.com too, but felt like making this overview. We sure had a great day!

We interviewed:

  • Benny Sings & Faberyayo about Coco
  • $€F about his performance
  • Jesse Boykins III about Love & Soul
  • Tofik Dibi about his love for festivals
  • Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul about Amsterdam Druggies with Hoes
  • Roger Brouwn about Buma Rotterdam Beats and grilling
  • Mr Polska about Spain & Tjapklare Biefstuk
  • Lilkleine about his Tuig van de Richel release
  • Job de Wit about his must-see-tips on Appelsap
  • People coming all the way from Belgium for Appelsap

Special thanks to the Appelsap crew for making it happen, Amsterdam.FMDJBroadcast and Volkskrant for using Shoudio.

Tune into the #Appelsap Audio Interviews here >

Shoudio <> Evernote. Remember evertything you heard!

As of now you can sync back every publicly posted audio recording to your Evernote. Not only your own recordings, but also any recording on the Shoudio platform such as items from collections such as audio-walks, items found in hashtagged channels and Foursquare venues and from the people you follow.

Imagine yourself on holiday in Amsterdam, conveniently tuned into the Amsterdam Audioguide on Shoudio, strolling along the canals. At a certain point the narrator tells you such a funny story, which you want to tell your friends back home.

But you will forget, that’s for sure… Amsterdam has more to offer.. :D

So you decide to instantly save the audiopoint including all attached media such as text, image, the gps location and the actual audiofile as a Note to your Evernote account and remember showing it to your friends through the Evernote-apps.

Introducing Shoudio Analytics.

So, you want to see how you are heard? For quite some time already we are tracking plays for your recorded Shoudios. And now we started to show off some of those stats in shiny graphs on a new ‘Analytics’ part of the Shoudio.com website, only visible to you after you login to your Shoudio account. 


The Shoudio Analytics page currently show the amount of recordings by you and amount of plays of your recordings during selectable periods of 7, 14 or 30 days. Furthermore you can see a pie-chart showing you the distribution of plays by platform type through which your Shoudio recordings have been played. On top of that there is a list showing you your ‘Popular’ recording during the given timeframe. 

You can easily find your Analytics here on https://shoudio.com/analytics.

In the near future we will add some Analytic reports about your Shoudio Collections (should you have them) and data we can extrapolate from the actual audio of your recordings as well! Stay tuned for that.

Tips on how to get more plays of your Shoudio recordings:

  • Distribute: connect your ‘other’ social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Soundcloud to your Shoudio Account and select to crosspost your Shoudio recordings via the ‘Crosspost’ options in the ‘upload detail’ screens of the apps. 
  • Frictionless: Be sure to reconnect your Facebook now, to enable ‘Frictionless Sharing’ and automatically post your recordings, faves, plays and follows on Shoudio to the Facebook Timeline ticker. 
  • Find & add or invite friends and followers to visit your Shoudio stream. You can use the convenient friendfinder tool for that!

How are your recordings doing?


Many of you requested to be able to edit and fix typo’s for your previously submitted Shoudio Recordings. You can now do so, via our inline editor. Whenever you accidentally made a mistake when uploading an audio recording, browse to the Shoudio website, login and edit inline and instant! 

Here is how: Simply browse to single Shoudio pages for Shoudio’s you own, so the best place to start is your profile page. Follow the ‘X time ago’ links behind each recording to end up on the ‘Single Shoudio’-page for that recording. 

Now all you need to do is to click on the big title in the top of the page, or the description (new!) below the <embed> button, modify your changes and hit Enter or OK to propagate the change to the Shoudio servers. Please note that these changes will take a few minutes to be propagated everywhere due to caching.


The Next Web Conference 2012 - flat out rocked /w Pancakes & Pitches!

After another great Queensday it’s time to look back at last week’s The Next Web Conference. With Shoudio we paid hommage to our roots with the Pancakes & Pitches stand at the conference. 

Just like last year the Pancake Stand returned to Amsterdam. Visitors could grab a fresh baked pancake (original recipe) right outside the main venue of the conference and tune into some of the Next Web Conference’s Microsoft Bizspark Startup Rally Pitches while they waited.

While baking the pancakes we transmitted the flipcam videostream live on PancakesAndPitches.com. Here’s a 3 hour recording session from the ‘flipcam’:

Cows, Pancakes and Sun

Friday more than made up for a rainy Thursday. Sun, music, Klara shitting the day away in Dungville and flipping Pancakes all day long. Many of you visited the pancake stand: investors, startups, students, speakers, all of you seemed to like the dutch flatties.

Startup Pitch Interview Sessions

More than 25 Startup Rally competitors joined our Shoudio Interview tool and ‘audio pitched’ their startup. The interviews with the founders of those startups can be listened via the Collection on Shoudio

Here is a selection of interviews with some of the Startup Rally Winners, embedded in this blogpost using our new embed widgets:

Listen to the interview with Edward Lee from Between, winning ‘Best Mobile App’:

And here is the interview with co-founder Timan Rebel from Snowciety, winning in the category ‘Best B2C App’:

Also the founder of Beamapp, Heiko Behrens, winner in the category ‘Most Innovative Product / Service’, joined us:

You can tune into all the The Next Web Startup Pitch Interviews via the Collection on Shoudio

New widgets

We have been playing around with some new widgets. A first release is now in beta. 

*UPDATE* You can configure your own Shoudio Embeds by knowing the Shoudio Recording’s ID and visiting the Widget Configurator at http://shoudio.com/widget

Two examples showcasing the two types of new widgets:

Playerbox Version:

<iframe src=”http://noise.shoudio.com/widget/index.html?s=2323” style=”width: 350px; height: 80px; background:transparent;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0” marginheight=”0” frameborder=”0” vspace=”0” hspace=”0” width=”350” height=”80”></iframe>

iframe dimensions: 80px height. variable width; 

Cover Version:

<iframe src=”http://noise.shoudio.com/widget/cover.html?s=3807” style=”width: 200px; height: 200px; background:transparent;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0” marginheight=”0” frameborder=”0” vspace=”0” hspace=”0” allowtransparency=”true” width=”200” height=”200”></iframe>

iframe dimensions: any width x height : best square.

Both widgets are available for single recording embedding only at the moment. Use the parameter ?s=ShoudioID in the iframe src to load the right Shoudio recording in the widget.

Android beta 2 live: featuring HD Recording, Shoudio Collections and more


We pushed another update to Shoudio for Android (still beta), with major new features:

  1. High Quality audio recording now also available for Android!
  2. Save and upload later: in the details screen you can choose to save instead of upload now, and share whenever it’s convenient for you.
  3. New: Collections! explore audiowalks, audioguides and albums nearby or by popularity.
  4. And… Find and share any audiofile on your phone on Shoudio with an intent!
  5. Sync to Soundcloud (next to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare)

 NOTE: In order to use audiorecording on Shoudio 4 Android Beta 2 you need an SD-CARD in your phone, as your recordings will be stored on it.

Get Shoudio for Android in the Android Market here: http://j.mp/shoudio4android

Or were you looking for Shoudio for iPhone instead?

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